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Let’s go mom!

Let’s go mom!

Gabriela PinazoNice to meet you, I’m Gabriela Pinazo! I’m 30 years old and I’m a carioca raised in Angra dos Reis. Ben’s mother, passionate about life and always looking for new adventures. From urban to roots, I live both extremes, but without losing my essence, which is totally focused on a life immersed in nature.

Founder of projects linked to environmental awareness, I left more than 60 trees scattered in corners where I traveled, as a way of leaving my marks.

I consider myself a “backyard explorer”, I like to discover and enjoy from the most distant and paradisiacal places, to the special corners that I always find next to my house.

In motherhood, I was reborn as a woman and today I seek, in addition to “enjoying life” with my son, to transform the lives of other mothers. So, I created “Let’s go, Mama!”, an event that has three fundamental pillars, which are: socialization between mothers, rescuing the self-esteem of the woman-mother and encouraging her to explore with her children. A light, relaxed day with a lot of exchanges, which is already causing a lot of talk in the maternal universe.

Gabriela Pinazo

I discovered TidBits when my son was 1 year old and these were the first snacks I offered him. Since then, I became a fan!  We love having such a delicious and healthy option!

May we be together much more often, gathering and taking care of those who care so much 🫶


Gabriela Pinazo, Mother of Ben, Founder of “Bora, Mamãe” and nature lover

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