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Savor Life

A swim on the beach, a social with friends, the discovery of a new trail or a simple walk with your dog. We understand that if it makes you happy, then it is SAVOR LIFE!

The “Savor Life” space is nothing more than a little “cookbook” with fantastic stories of people who have chosen to move and make it happen!


Let’s go mom!

Gabriela PinazoNice to meet you, I’m Gabriela Pinazo! I’m 30 years old and I’m a carioca raised in Angra dos Reis. Ben’s mother, passionate about life and always looking for new adventures. From urban to roots, I live both extremes, but without losing my essence, which is totally focused on a life immersed in nature.

Founder of projects linked to environmental awareness, I left more than 60 trees scattered in corners where I traveled, as a way of leaving my marks.

I consider myself a “backyard explorer”, I like to discover and enjoy from the most distant and paradisiacal places, to the special corners that I always find next to my house.

In motherhood, I was reborn as a woman and today I seek, in addition to “enjoying life” with my son, to transform the lives of other mothers. So, I created “Let’s go, Mama!”, an event that has three fundamental pillars, which are: socialization between mothers, rescuing the self-esteem of the woman-mother and encouraging her to explore with her children. A light, relaxed day with a lot of exchanges, which is already causing a lot of talk in the maternal universe.

Gabriela Pinazo

I discovered TidBits when my son was 1 year old and these were the first snacks I offered him. Since then, I became a fan!  We love having such a delicious and healthy option!

May we be together much more often, gathering and taking care of those who care so much 🫶


Gabriela Pinazo, Mother of Ben, Founder of “Bora, Mamãe” and nature lover

Pure life!

Pure life!

I’m Luiz, I’m a Jiu Jitsu teacher, and I’m always surfing too. I believe one complements the other. I was fortunate to be able to combine the activities that bring me the most joy. Fight and teach Jiu JItsu, surf and travel. In this lifestyle it is clear that the focus on food is fundamental, because we have to be always well, healthy. A healthy body in balance is essential.

Today I have Jiu Jitsu as a lifestyle, a mental Jiu Jitsu. And I realize more and more how healthy eating is important. TidBits I already include in my direct diet, especially Beetroot and flaxseed sweet potato, always after surfing or after training goes well. Even willingly posted even on my Instagram can check @luizdiasbjj

Pure life!

Jiu Jitsu and surfing give me a chance to meet different people and cultures during my travels.

I always carry in my TidBits bag and when my friends eat the acceptance is straightforward. I’m glad I know the work and dedication that Healthy Flavor Snacks has in preparing TidBits. Congratulations to TidBits! Pure life! Aloha! OSS!


Luiz Dias, Jiu-Jitsu Fighter and Master and Surfer

Enjoying life out there!

Enjoying life out there!

Hello! I’m Pamela or Pam! I am 33 years old I love to travel to enjoy the nature, to surf, to know new cultures and places, I believe that the true essence of life is in the life that one takes! This lifestyle I chose has led me to all the paths I follow: my travels, my friends, my fiance, and my work.

I did Advertising, later I graduated in Marketing, post graduated with MBA in Communication and Marketing and today I am a Photographer!

I made this decision almost 2 years ago, leaving the corporate world to pursue a dream: to live better and have more time for what is really important to me, which is not material goods. So I bought a camera and started from scratch!

Some time after I came back from Indonesia in the middle of last year, I had an idea in my head to create a project for women. So, I took the @surferinhas project very carefully from August. Formed by: me, my sister and a friend who is a physical therapist and teacher of functional training, with emphasis on surfing at @galpaoalvorada. Our project aims to encourage women to: surf, make friends, travel and meet people with the same wishes and ideals.

In our travels TidBits always accompanies us and saves us from the hunger post surf!

It is a delight and leaves us satisfied and ready for another fall! I particularly can’t resist the beet!

Enjoying life out there!

Our meetings take place today in Ubatuba, one of our havens, where there are many waves for all levels of surf. Next March will be our first trip outside Sao Paulo, we will go to Rio de Janeiro in 15 girls!

Surferinhas is a gift in my life, gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful women, make true friendships, connect with people who seek to do what they love and believe in what they do. Just like Healthy Flavor Snacks, we really feel the affection with which snacks are made and the concern to take care of our health, we eat without weight in the conscience one after another.

Because enjoying life out there is so much more delicious with TidBits ❤

Pâmela (Pam), 33, Advertising, Marketer, postgraduate in Communication and Marketing, Photographer, Surfer and creator of the Suferinhas Project, which is sponsored by TidBits.

Tasting life…

I think in the rush of everyday we forget that what is worth in life is just tasting it, and preferably accompanied by real friends, and this is so simple, ask any dog…

My name is Rafael Gigante Gandres, I’m 41 years old, I’m a veterinarian, amateur athlete and nature lover and everything that surrounds her. I obviously love animals, especially dogs.

I try to enjoy life as best I can because I consider it a gift from God…

I’ve always had dogs, and I’ve always enjoyed nature with them, walking trails, waterfalls and etc … About five years ago, I joined sport with my passions for nature and my dogs, running and competing regularly in trail running.

I made several friends and infected them with this habit. From there I could see the benefits for them and their dogs, and how exercise makes a difference in the quality of life of today’s dogs, who have become sedentary because of the modern lifestyle.

Thus was born the AtivoCão (ActiveDog), which above all was created so that tutors and their dogs can enjoy life in all its fullness!

Rafael Gigante

My great partner in this adventure is Lisa, a bustling bitch of the American satffordshire terrier breed, who despite her invoked appearance is but a very active child.

Today we enjoy life, enjoying nature, running together daily, sharing a friendship that would hardly be possible between humans, because there is no interest between us, just love and complicity.

We traveled endless miles together, sometimes raining, sometimes with sunshine; sometimes at night, sometimes by day, and often accompanied by great and true friends and their tutors, which we have conquered in our adventures.



Rafael Gigante Gandres, 41, Veterinarian, amateur athlete and nature lover.

An invitation to life

An invitation to life

To work. To study. Meditate. Cook. To weave. Ramp up. Work out. Do you know what all this means? They may simply be everyday activities, but that’s not exactly what I want to talk about.

My name is Patricia, I’m 32 years old, I am an athlete and I started to enjoy life at 23. Of course before that I had wonderful moments, but it was when I met the climb that I became aware of the immensity of the world. I realized that being in nature, traveling, and exploring outdoor life was something that made me feel alive: the cold, the heat, the chill, the adrenaline, the happiness, the tiredness, the love. I started to travel a lot more, especially to less touristy places, to know new places to climb: mountains, waterfalls, snow, deserts… whatever I can and with the possibility of climbing a rock. The emotions this sport gives me are indescribable and make me reflect on how my old lifestyle did not complete me and how that would not be a way to find my happiness.

An invitation to life

See how climbing can be an analogy to life: challenges, facing fear and hardship, progressing until one hour we find happiness. I need not explain much why this style captivated me so much that these skin-like sensations became part of me.

When I talk about work, meditation and other routine activities, what I want to convey is that everyone has their own way of feeling full, either in their professional activity or in weekend football. Seeking motivation in sports was my way of bringing out feelings and living life. Opportunities are there all the time but we often blind ourselves by letting fear of the new and change be north. How many times have you found yourself complaining, thinking that nothing happens to you, that the situation doesn’t change? Well, it is not enough just to want and look at the grass of the neighbor, we need to read between the lines, act and allow to be happy. Maybe this is a good New Year’s resolution for you to boost your hunger for living? Look around and allow yourself to savor what life gives you!


Patrícia Antunes Silva, 32, Athlete, Brazilian Champion of Climbing and Regional Champion of Climbing on Minas Gerais

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