Enjoying life out there!

Hello! I’m Pamela or Pam! I am 33 years old I love to travel to enjoy the nature, to surf, to know new cultures and places, I believe that the true essence of life is in the life that one takes! This lifestyle I chose has led me to all the paths I follow: my travels, my friends, my fiance, and my work.

I did Advertising, later I graduated in Marketing, post graduated with MBA in Communication and Marketing and today I am a Photographer!

I made this decision almost 2 years ago, leaving the corporate world to pursue a dream: to live better and have more time for what is really important to me, which is not material goods. So I bought a camera and started from scratch!

Some time after I came back from Indonesia in the middle of last year, I had an idea in my head to create a project for women. So, I took the @surferinhas project very carefully from August. Formed by: me, my sister and a friend who is a physical therapist and teacher of functional training, with emphasis on surfing at @galpaoalvorada. Our project aims to encourage women to: surf, make friends, travel and meet people with the same wishes and ideals.

In our travels TidBits always accompanies us and saves us from the hunger post surf!

It is a delight and leaves us satisfied and ready for another fall! I particularly can’t resist the beet!

Enjoying life out there!

Our meetings take place today in Ubatuba, one of our havens, where there are many waves for all levels of surf. Next March will be our first trip outside Sao Paulo, we will go to Rio de Janeiro in 15 girls!

Surferinhas is a gift in my life, gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful women, make true friendships, connect with people who seek to do what they love and believe in what they do. Just like Healthy Flavor Snacks, we really feel the affection with which snacks are made and the concern to take care of our health, we eat without weight in the conscience one after another.

Because enjoying life out there is so much more delicious with TidBits ❤

Pâmela (Pam), 33, Advertising, Marketer, postgraduate in Communication and Marketing, Photographer, Surfer and creator of the Suferinhas Project, which is sponsored by TidBits.

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