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An invitation to life

To work. To study. Meditate. Cook. To weave. Ramp up. Work out. Do you know what all this means? They may simply be everyday activities, but that’s not exactly what I want to talk about.

My name is Patricia, I’m 32 years old, I am an athlete and I started to enjoy life at 23. Of course before that I had wonderful moments, but it was when I met the climb that I became aware of the immensity of the world. I realized that being in nature, traveling, and exploring outdoor life was something that made me feel alive: the cold, the heat, the chill, the adrenaline, the happiness, the tiredness, the love. I started to travel a lot more, especially to less touristy places, to know new places to climb: mountains, waterfalls, snow, deserts… whatever I can and with the possibility of climbing a rock. The emotions this sport gives me are indescribable and make me reflect on how my old lifestyle did not complete me and how that would not be a way to find my happiness.

An invitation to life

See how climbing can be an analogy to life: challenges, facing fear and hardship, progressing until one hour we find happiness. I need not explain much why this style captivated me so much that these skin-like sensations became part of me.

When I talk about work, meditation and other routine activities, what I want to convey is that everyone has their own way of feeling full, either in their professional activity or in weekend football. Seeking motivation in sports was my way of bringing out feelings and living life. Opportunities are there all the time but we often blind ourselves by letting fear of the new and change be north. How many times have you found yourself complaining, thinking that nothing happens to you, that the situation doesn’t change? Well, it is not enough just to want and look at the grass of the neighbor, we need to read between the lines, act and allow to be happy. Maybe this is a good New Year’s resolution for you to boost your hunger for living? Look around and allow yourself to savor what life gives you!


Patrícia Antunes Silva, 32, Athlete, Brazilian Champion of Climbing and Regional Champion of Climbing on Minas Gerais

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